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Fast hydraulic alligator shears
YD-1600[A]2000 scrap metal hydraulic baler
Y81-T400 scrap metal hydraulic baler
Y83-4000 horizontal automatic machine bread crumbs
Y83-3600 automatic machine bread crumbs
Y83 Series Manual Quick crumbs bread machine
Y83 series of automatic machine bread crumbs
YD-630Q automatic hydraulic scrap metal baler
YD-1350 forward-out scrap metal hydraulic baler
About Us
Advanced design technology, sophisticated technology and equipment,
perfect testing means, strict management system

  Jiangyin Mingji Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the humanities excellence, the scenic southern breadbasket Jiangyin Economic Development Zone yunting, with the Yangtze River Delta ports and high-speed connection is superior terrain along Xicheng, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, ideally placed shade blessing , sway talent romantic.
        Since its inception, always adhere to the business philosophy of high quality, high standards and high requirements, adhere to the "technology innovation, quality win, the customer first" development path, by working together with research and design units, committed to new product development, and constantly enhance competitiveness and technological innovation ......

--Jiangyin Mingji Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Corporate Culture
Putting People First:
adhere to the people-centered, subject to the company's employees, respect, understanding, nurturing people, to motivate employees to make progress, to achieve......
Standardized management:
scientific management is to protect the company's survival and development! Whether it is the company's internal production management, human resources management, financial management, or external ......

Honor is not just a symbol of the corporate image of companies, it is an important indicator of business confidence by consumers, Jiangyin Mingji Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. Strictly to good quality, consumer interests first, so that we make satisfaction.

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Jiangyin Mingji Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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